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holligraphics started in the San Francisco Bay area, after working several years at Price Waterhouse, providing specialized graphic design and desk-top publishing services to east bay area businesses and corporations.  Many of whom were business affiliates who passed along the positive end results of their graphic needs.

Since then, holligraphics has been still evolving with the ever-growing technology; having worked with clients from the west coast, mid-west, and now in the south.

In between relocations and raising kids, holligraphics still held on with small projects here and there, including volunteer work with the schools and local sports organizations when possible.  

During off periods of graphic work, it was necessary for Holli Manaker (sole proprietor) to take on other work positions that didn't always include graphic design work.  This example of determination shows her willingness to work.  She will go out and find work to broaden her overall experience and background.

Also, check out Holli's Hobbies & Crafts (link in the footer).  Creativity can go a long way...

The work performed by holligraphics has been time-efficient, concise, and with clear communication.  

Read what clients have to say about "holligraphics"...

Holli always comes through by capturing your message and delivering original attention grabbing graphics. She is a true pro!

- Sherri McGinti, Co-host and Producer, Open Journal at KPFT 90.1FM


As sole proprietor, I have always believed in providing upscale, clean and simple designs for businesses at a very reasonable cost. 

I am a person of many talents... I have worked in several different industries; from administrative to retail.  I believe in getting the job done, and doing it right the first time.  

I thrive on challenges and keeping busy.  I work in a time efficient manner and meet deadlines.

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I started out in print and desktop publishing within graphic design, working with clients in providing clean and concise end user documentation for software training and presentations. 

I later became involved with website design and maintenance which I am still involved in, especially with the newer web design programs available to users these days.


I've always believed in providing up-scaled, clean and simple designs for business needs and at a very reasonable cost. These days, many websites are full of ads, annoying pop-ups and overwhelming to look at, leaving the viewer frustrated. This is where I can make a difference. A website, ad, or any other piece of media should be designed to be "pleasing to the eye" and not cluttered.  The viewer should be able to navigate throughout the website with ease of finding what they want.

With the busy life of technological gagets, it is rare to see "simplicity".

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